Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ladytron at the Glass House

Round 3 of Ladytron was at the Glass House in Pomona. I usually reserve the drive to Pomona for special bands and Ladytron happens to be one of them. Previous Glass house shows include... Jets To Brazil, Death Cab for Cutie, Queens of the Stone Age, Sparta, etc. Same setlist as the prior 2 rounds but opted for the Helen side instead of the usual Mira side. The Submarines opened and were a laptop and guitar duo. I remember downloading their KCRW podcast but never got around to checking out the whole thing. They played an okay set. The songs started to sound the same after awhile and I don't know if it was due to the lack of sleep or the band. Anyways, I definetly got some energy back when Ladytron hit the stage. The crowd was very receptive and was most energetic when songs from "604" were played. Helen seemed to really be into the show and was moving around quite a bit. I did not get to the Glasshouse too early and ended up with a spot behind the mixing board. so from a photography perspective my light was limited. I did manage to snag an interesting picture of Helen's arms though! I figure I might as well see them now before they go back to the recording studio and it will be years before they come back. I am hoping that they give the crowd an extra song at the Halloween "Witching Hour" show. A cover of Human League would be stellar as well. I will keep ya posted.

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