Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Hold Steady Acoustic at Lou's Records

At the FM 94.9 bash on Saturday, there were flyers for an acoustic performance at Lou's records by the Hold Steady. I couldn't pass that up so I rolled out to Lou's and did some minor shopping prior to the acoustic performance. Just a little after 4:00 the band had started to set up their stuff and were ready to rock. One of my measures of how good a band happens to be is whether or not a band can play good acoustically. When you plug in to rock, you can make a lot of mistakes and distortion or volume can cover you. Performing acoustically really highlights the song itself. The Hold Steady proved how good they are with an 8 song acoustic set. They played for 45mins which was pretty stellar in my opinion. Franz was totally rocking the accordion and caring the songs since Galen was without an acoustic bass. Tad was strumming away on his acoustic guitar and Craig was drinking and singing along. After Craig was finished with his paper cup drinks, members of the audience mysteriously produced various alchololic beverages to place right next to his mic stand. My friend said he could smell the alcohol even before he started drinking. I figure since he had the shades on that he was recovering from the previous nights show. The amazing thing is that Craig didn't slur his words at all. The guys did an informal signing afterwards and were extremely cool. They are touring the East coast in a couple of days but will return according to Bobby. Rock on!!!

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