Friday, September 19, 2008

Deftones at Spaceland

The Deftones at Spaceland was genius. One new song, a ton of old school Deftones songs, rabid fans, moshing, crowd surfing, people hanging from the rafters. "Melanie" was a new song debut that was stunning. It was a mixture of all the trademark sounds of the Deftones with a bizarre time signature that bordered on math metal. Spaceland needs to book more metal shows. It was chaos.

Deftones setlist at Spaceland (9/18/08)
"My Own Summer"
"Around The Fur"
"Hole In The Earth"
"Melanie" (New song)
"Knife Party"
"Change (In the House of Flies)"
"7 Words"
"Digital Bath"
"Be Quiet And Drive"
"Head Up"


Kylafornia said...
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Kylafornia said...

Here's the link to the new song they played last night called "Melanie"

Anonymous said...

deftones at spaceland was truly one of the best if not the best deftones show i have ever seen! great set! great vibe!

Anonymous said...

You mean Head up, not head down.