Thursday, September 13, 2007

Film School at Fingerprints Records

Film School's new album "Hideout" is available now. I bought mine at Fingerprints Records and got a cool bonus vinyl 7 inch record along with a poster and a sticker. I have been eagerly awaiting their new cd "Hideout" since they dazzled a sold out Spaceland audience. Film School at Fingerprints Records was a no brainer for me. Fingerprints has a good track record for amazing instores. I really didn't know what to expect in terms of Film School playing acoustically or a full electric set. When I saw the pedalboards on the stage, I knew I was about to get rocked. I did notice that Dave Dupuis (Guitars) had added an Electro Harmonix Holiest Grail Reverb to his already huge setup. Greg Bartens (Vocals/Guitars) alson got into the act with the addition of a TC Helicon VoiceLive Vocal Floor Processor. Starting at a volume of "6" they launched into "Compare" which was just as hypnotic as the cd version with extra emphasis in the mix of the keyboard parts courtesy of Jason Ruck. The volume creeped up slowly to a "7" as Greg "accidently" stepped on his distortion pedal during "Deep Lake". "Two Kinds" was next as the decibel level started to rise. "Plots and Plans" showcased the dreamy harmonies of Lorelei Plotczyk (Bass,Vocals) and Greg. "Sick Of The Shame" was played at near full volume and sounded fantastic. I also should note Dave was using his foot to control some of the knobs on his modified Electro Harmonix Memory Man mid song. Fingerprints was rattling by the time Lorelei started in on the distorted bass line of "Lectric". I will attempt a double review night on Oct 7th when I see The Shins at the Greek Theatre and then Film School at the Detroit Bar.

Film School Setlist at Fingerprints Records (9/11/07)
"Deep Lake"
"Two Kinds"
"Plots and Plans"
"Sick Of The Shame"
"Like You Know"

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Anonymous said...

Once again, Fingerprints delivered. I am looking forward to seeing them again with a not-so-quiet set. I really enjoyed them though, as usual, your recommendation was right on target!