Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mezzanine Owls and The Monolators at the Echo

After seeing the Editors on Monday, I felt I needed a rest on Tuesday therefore I passed on seeing the Arctic Monkeys at the Palladium. My plans of much needed rest were promptly squashed when I saw that LA Underground and Rock Insider were celebrating the release of the Monolators new EP "You Look Good On A Train" along the Mezzanine Owls, The Amateurs, and Summer Darling.

Summer Darling

Summer Darling invoked hazy memories of the quieter Pavement songs and the earnestness of Death Cab For Cutie. Ben Heywood (Guitars/Vocals) gently strummed on his Fender Telecaster as Dan Rossiter (Guitars) layed down counter melodies. Heather Heywood (Bass) provided the smooth background vocals while playing her Fender Bass. They are working on a new album to follow up their self released debut "I Know You--I Never Knew You". It was a good way to start the evening.

The Amateurs

The Amateurs have to be sponsored by Fender or will be soon. I was jealous seeing the small treasure chest of Fender guitars which included a Fender Jagstang, Mustang, and Jaguar baritone on stage. They put all these guitars into the mix, as Keith Waggoner (Guitars/Vocals) led the band through some easy on the ears organic music. Shannon De Jong (Violin) added a pleasant color to the band's sonic tapestry with her skillful violin playing. The Amateurs are without a bass player which left Anthony Puglisi (Guitars) to create inventive guitar lines or play bass lines on the Jaguar Baritone. They are currently unsigned but have a self released album entitled "Speak Easy".

Mezzanine Owls

Mezzanine Owls have been a favorite of mine ever since I saw them at Little Radio . I have listened to their album many times, but their live show continues to blossom and their new songs continue to impress me. I still highly recommend you buy their album "Echoes". They played another solid set that garnered a large ovation from the crowd. Jonathan Zeitlin (Guitars/Keyboards) added a few extra bursts of feedback on some of the songs that did not go unnoticed to the attentive ear. They are currently working on an EP to be released early next year. I hope they get it done earlier so I can give my friends some presents for the impending holiday season.

The Monolators

The Monolators didn't fool around as they burst into "Weaker Self" off their newly released EP "You Look Good On The Train". Eli Chartkoff (Vocals/Guitars) had a towering stage presence as he alternated between his Rickenbacker and Fender guitars. "You Look Good On The Train" played liked an ode to The Pixies crossed with some surf guitar work. "Eagle Fighting Zebra" had a tribal drumming vibe provided by Mary Chartkoff and includes a shout out to Mr. T's Bowl. Jax from Rock Insider also managed to jump onstage with the Monolators making good use of her shiny Fender Jazz bass. They have a couple of upcoming shows including an appearance at the Eagle Rock Music Festival with the Pity Party.

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