Monday, June 18, 2007

Mezzanine Owls at Little Radio Summer Camp

I have mentioned before that I scorn my car radio in favor of my Ipod. Sometimes I am not as quick to hit play on my Ipod and I listen to the first few moments of Indie 103.1. A few days prior to my departure to Las Vegas I heard "Lightbulb" by The Mezzanine Owls on Indie 103.1 and was blown away. As luck would have it, The Mezzanine Owls were playing the Detroit Bar when I was in Vegas. My luck would change however when Little Radio announced that The Mezzanine Owls would play at Summer Camp on Sunday.

As tired as I was from Las Vegas, I would not miss The Mezzanine Owls. "Lightbulb" features some fantastic dreamy fuzz guitar work with counter melodys that stick in your head forever. They have been described as part Jesus & The Mary Chain and part Ride with a smidge of The Doves. I see them more as having the anthemic hooks of Coldplay in combination with early fuzzy Flaming Lips and Pavement circa "Wowee Zowee" era. Dan Horne (Bass) also attracted my attention with his thunderous bass riffs courtesy of a Gibson hollowbody bass just like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Darker My Love. Jack Burnside (Guitars/Vocals) was strumming away on his Fender Telecaster and crushing his Pro Co Rat Pedal at times along with tweaking his Deluxe Memory Man. Jack has a good vocal range and reminded me at times of Thom Yorke. Jonathan Zeitlin (Guitar/Keyboards) was the secret weapon of the band with his reverb drenched metal slide guitar work that added a twilight sparkle to the songs. Check out their album "Slingshot Echoes". It is worth it for "Lightbulb" alone.


Anonymous said...

LOVE Mezzanine Owls. Best band in L.A. right now. Why in hell aren't they signed yet?

2-step said...

Lightbulb left me in awe. The chorus, like you said, stays in your head forever.