Monday, June 04, 2007

Autolux at the Natural History Museum

Autolux blew me away with their new songs last month at the Casbah in San Diego. I originally had a ticket for the Black Angels at the Troubadour but could not pass up the opportunity to see Autolux perform in a museum with a bunch of dinosaur bones in the background.

I had heard prior to the show that the stage for the bands at the museum is fairly small and that an early arrival is suggested. I gathered up some friends and we camped out near the front of the stage in anticipation of an amazing show. We were not let down as Autolux came out about twenty minutes late but made up for it with a twenty minute ambient instrumental piece. Eugene Goreshter (Vocals/Guitar/Bass) started off playing his violin which he sampled and manipulated into a pulsating sonic blast. Greg Edwards (Guitars) was coaxing out more sonic tapestry from his Gibson SG with the help of an E-bow and a metal slide. Greg was manipulating his Line 6 Delay Modulation Pedal which added to the ambient feel of the piece. I also spotted a Moog MuRF(Multiple Resonance Filter Array) pedal that Eugene was twiddling with. As they closed out the piece, they morphed their noise into the new song "Reappearing" which features Carla Azar (Vocals/Drums) on vocals. This was followed by another new song "The Science of Imaginary Solutions". Eugene then proceeded to thank the crowd for staying "underwater" with them as they left the stage. It was a fitting statement since they had the crowd immersed in waves of noise.

I unfortunately could not stay for Deerhoof, but have seen them the four times they opened for Radiohead last year. I needed to save some energy for the Delta Spirit and the Sparrow Love Crew at the Detroit Bar and my impending week of Morrissey shows.

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Maria said...

So ... you gonna help out a friend who had too much wine and wasn't able to get back into the room to see the show?