Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Raveonettes and Midnight Movies at the Detroit Bar

Have I mentioned how cool the Detroit Bar is lately? In between my mini tour of Morrissey shows, The Raveonettes happened to play a show at the Detroit Bar. The last time I caught the Raveonettes was with a few thousand people when they opened for Depeche Mode at Staples Center. I love the fuzzed out reverb drenched guitar sounds that the Raveonettes magically create.

I have covered the Midnight Movies a couple of times when they opened for Ladytron on Halloween last year as well as opening for Silversun Pickups at the Troubadour. They have recently released a new album on New Line records titled "Lion The Girl". I was in front of Larry Schemel (Guitars) and was impressed by his guitar playing and setup. He was using a Line 6 Delay Modulation pedal, Z.Vex Super Duper, Dunlop Wah, Electro Harmonix LPB-1 (Power Booster), and a Boss Fuzz pedal. They opened with "Lion The Girl" which ends in a fuzz flurry that had one audience member trying to form a pit in front of the stage. Gena Olivier was multi tasking switching between her tambourine, Korg MS 2000, and drums. I recommend you pick up "Lion The Girl" if you like textured dreamy psychedelic indie pop coated with keyboard lines.

Raveonettes setlist and Midnight Movies setlist

Sharin Foo Pedalboard

Sune Rose Wagner Pedalboard

One of my favorite Raveonettes songs is "Twilight". The hypnotic quality of the guitar riff coupled with some coats of fuzz make playing guitar along to the song extremely fun. The Raveonettes had some problems last year when all their gear was stolen which included Fender Jaguars. Jazzmasters, and vintage pedals. They had some impressive replacement gear on stage when they performed at the Detroit Bar. They opened with a feedback cover version of Buddy Holly's "Everyday". During the show, Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo would alternate between guitars, bass, and drums. Sandra Vu from Midnight Movies also came out to help on drums. "Twilight" featured a scorching fuzz tremolo picked ending. They also covered Sonic Youth by playing "100%" which sounded spot on. I included pictures of Sharin Foo's Pedalboard and Sune Rose Wagner's Pedalboard which both featured Pro Co Rat Distortion pedals. I have to give extra points to Sharin Foo for her inclusion of a Z. Vex Fuzz Factory pedal. The Raveonettes are in the process of recording a new album which is shaping up to be just as fuzzed out as their previous efforts. It was a splendid guitar driven intermission in between my Morrissey marathon.

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