Friday, June 29, 2007

Deftones at the Gibson Amphitheatre

Back in November of 2006 when I saw the Deftones at the Avalon and at Soma in San Diego, I mentioned how the Deftones ruled because they switch up the setlist every night. As an avid concertgoer, I truly applaud the band for this as they understand their rabid fanbase and reward them appropriately. The Gibson Amphitheatre crowd was buzzing even before the Deftones hit the stage. The Los Angeles crowd proved their worth tonight as they warmly accepted the band for a sizzling performance.

I missed Fall of Troy and Dir En Gray.

In Las Vegas, I had a nice cozy spot on the rail in front of Chi Cheng (Bass). This was good news picture wise but bad news sound wise as I could hear Chi's bass monitors and stack. In Los Angeles, I was 16 rows back in the orchestra on the right side in line with the speakers. Instead of the droney opening octaves of "Be Quiet and Drive", the Deftones came out like a caged animal with "Root". I was quickly reminded that this would be a different setlist and a different concert experience. The Deftones switched up a lot of songs and treated the audience to "Minerva", "Kimdragula", and "Cherry Waves". "Cherry Waves" is another one of my favorite Deftones songs and was performed just as intoxicating as the album version. One of the funniest things I have seen in a concert yet was when one of the Deftones little girls started dancing in front of the stage. Imagine watching Chino Moreno (Vocals/Guitars) screaming the lyrics from "Nosebleed" as a little toddler dances around on stage. I thought Chi was going to collide into her at a few points during the show. Luckily, the youngster was reigned in by her mother. It is nice to see that the Deftones are a family oriented band. The pit was at its highest moment level when they closed with "Headup". I felt really lucky to have witnessed two shows in one week by one of my favorite bands.

Deftones Setlist at the Gibson Amphitheatre (6/28/07)
"My Own Summer"
"Be Quiet And Drive"
"Hole In The Earth"
"Digital Bath"
"Cherry Waves"
"Around The Fur"
"Back To School"
"Change(In The House Of Flies)"
"7 Words"


Anonymous said...

Great reviews of the shows and awesome pics. Your blog was cool. I saw the 'Tones in SLC and it was amazing. I would so LOVE getting a hold of any bootlegs you have, especially from this tour. Please post if you're going to do that.

Anonymous said...

Excellent review, and photos as well. So I read you recorded the show, would you by any chance feel like distributing it? I would love to get a copy. I attended this concert, and must agree, it was amazing. I was on the 3rd orchestra, practically infront of Stef. From my angle, everything sounded great. Though Abe's drums didn't completely come out well in the mix, from what I remember.

If you would be so kind as to share the recording, I'm all ears:

- Michael

doctashock said...

This was an awesome showfrom the 'tones. I was glad I got to catch them there. It was my first time seeing them live. I put my review up on my blog.

You seem to have a nice thing going here. I wish I could catch the Klaxons but I have to work. I was also considering going up for one of the Pumpkins shows, but that would involve planning out a huge roadtrip. I will be at the Daft Punk show next month though.

Maybe we can trade links or something.

Anonymous said...

hi, i'd love to hear that recording
could you share or trade it maybe?
i got tons of deftones stuff
please let me know