Sunday, June 24, 2007

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Little Radio

After running out of Dodger Stadium, my destination was originally going to be the Prospector to catch Gliss. Gliss was going on at 11:00 and it was 11:15. I deferred to my alternate plans.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club was filming a video at the Little Radio warehouse. It supposedly started at 3:30pm but I had heard from a friend at the shoot that it was still going on. I figured The Police would end with "Next To You" and literally ran to the car to get out of Dodger Stadium. Within twenty minutes, I was at Little Radio and walked into the midst of "Complicated Situation". The band resumed its filming of the video for "Berlin" and played along as they filmed the crowd. Peter Hayes (Guitars/Vocals) was a trooper straping a helmet cam on and managed to play guitar as he filmed a segment. Some of the other songs they played included "Took Out A Loan", "Suddenly", "White Palms", "US Government", "Six Barrel Shotgun", "Red Eyes and Tears", and "American X" as they played a mini set to the thinning crowd as it neared 2:00am. Peter eventually left the stage leaving Robert Been(Bass/Vocals) and Nick Jago (Drums) onstage as Robert still wanted to play a few more songs but Peter talked him out of it stating to the crowd that the crew had been there since six in the morning setting up. It was a rare treat to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club play to a sparse crowd but I have to also commend the band for working that hard to please their fans and willingness to play. Check them out with The Kings of Leon in September at the Greek Theatre. I highly recommend you pick up their new album Baby 81 as it is one of the better releases of 2007.

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