Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ladytron at Hollywood and Highland

Public Transportation officials must have seen a dramatic spike in usage on September 27th as Ladytron was headlining the Public Displays of Affection series at Hollywood and Highland. This event was sponsored by Global Inheritance and required attendees to have a metro ticktet to enter the concert area.

Great Northern

It was a crystal clear evening that served as perfect backdrop to the lush melodies of Great Northern as twilight descended. Great Northern has so many elements going on in their live show that I was impressed to hear a well mixed set by the band given that they were playing outdoors. It was interesting to see the number people shopping in the mall stop dead in their tracks to watch their set. I still highly recommend you purchase their debut cd "Trading Twilight For Daylight" as it will be in my top 10 releases of 2007.


The plaza at Hollywood and Highland was completely stuffed when Ladytron graced the stage. The lights had dimmed in the courtyard area and the red lights behind Ladytron flashed in hypnotic pulses as the opening notes of "High Rise" filled the night air. The crowd was very enthusiastic and dancing along as the security barricade started to buckle. I managed to get a bird eye's shot of Ladytron playing and saw that Reuben Wu (Synths) had a Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb hooked up to his Korg MS2000 along with a Vox Cooltron Bulldog Distortion. Daniel Hunt had a Line 6 Delay pedal and a couple of E-bows in his guitar setup. "True Mathematics" and "Evil" sound even better live when compared to the recorded versions on "Light & Magic" and I like the recorded versions a lot. I didn't think they would play a long set but after tabulating 13 songs, I have to tip my hat to Ladytron for playing a good sized set. As the last keyboard notes of "Destroy Everything You Touch" rang out, I was hoping that they finish the new album soon so I can see them again.

Ladytron Setlist at Hollywood and Highland (9/27/07)
"High Rise"
"True Mathematics"
"Soft Power"
"Cracked LCD"
"International Dateline"
"Fighting In Built Up Areas"
"Last One Standing"
"Destroy Everything You Touch"


Mel said...

I love those pictures from the level above... I can't believe how many people were there! Those are some great shots though...

Jack Astro said...

I was walking by and heard Ladytron playing. It was a fun show, but I missed most of it. Nice pics.

I went back after the crowd cleared to check out their gear. lol