Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Delta Spirit at the Detroit Bar

I have seen the Detroit Bar packed many times this year. This night was no exception for a sold out show with the line up of The Parson Redheads, We Barbarians, and The Delta Spirit.

The Parson Red Heads

The Parson Redheads packed the stage themselves with seven people onstage. With seven people on stage, it was difficult to track all the members. The impressive thing was how well collectively they played as a unit. I have heard some buzz about them and made sure I was at the show early to catch a full set. Apparently other people heard the buzz because the Detroit Bar was already filling up. The Parson Redheads had a Beach Boys crossed with Wilco vibe. The Parson Redheads are led by Evan Way (Guitars/Vocals) who had a slick Fender Jazzmaster. The rest of the Redheads go by various pseudonyms like Clicker Parson, Combat Parson, Slider Parson and Flatman Parson. Their latest release is "King Giraffe" released on Yukon records. They will descend upon the Detroit Bar again on Oct 17th.

We Barbarians

We Barbarians looked very familiar from the start. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of The Colour are We Barbarians. We Barbarians consists of 3/4 of the Colour with the following members being Davey Quon (Vocals/Guitars), Derek Van Heule (Bass) and Nathan Warkentin (Drums). It was their first performance as We Barbarians and they are onto something. They mine the darkness of reverb with introspective songwriting. Derek was killing it on his Gibson Ripper bass. Davey had his Gibson hollowbody howling all night. Nathan managed to escape his drum kit for a tune on guitar while Davey was strumming an acoustic guitar. I see a Detroit Bar residency amongst other things in their future.

Delta Spirit

I unfortunately missed Delta Spirit at the Southern Comfort Music Festival down in San Diego. I have been impressed by their last couple of shows as a clear progression and growth could be seen. I would love to describe all the pedals that Delta Spirit uses but they have an organic sound that is devoid of pedals. Matthew Vazquez (Guitars/Vocals) led the spirit along a storytelling set of forty five minutes. The Delta Spirit manage to tap into the sounds of yesterday but add a sense of urgency and social commentary that makes the music come off fresh. They have been recording a new album entitled "Ode to Sunshine" that is due out soon. The Delta Spirit will have gearing up for the start of their tour with Dr. Dog and will be having a cd release party on Oct 15th at the Troubadour with We Barbarians in tow.

Delta Spirit Setlist for the Detroit Bar (9/8/07)
"Bleeding Bells"
"People C'mon"
"House Built"
"Strange Vine"
"Sweet Soul"
"Tom Gerald"
"People,Turn Around!"

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