Friday, September 07, 2007

Aushua at the Detroit Bar

Run Run Run

It is rare to see smoke machines and extra floor lighting at the Detroit Bar. Run Run Run brought their "A" game with a big stage setup to accompany their even bigger sound. I was reminded of an Echo and The Bunnymen vibe crossed with some "Purple" era Stone Temple Pilots as they charged through their set. Their song "Words" seemed familar as it has been receiving some airplay on KROQ. Xander Smith (Guitars/Vocals) looked so familar on stage that I approached him after the show to ask if he had been in any other bands. Xander mentioned he was in The Other Star People and recorded with Roy Thomas Baker who recently did the Smashing Pumpkins new album. I remember seeing The Other Star People open for Queens of the Stone Age back at the Troubadour a long time ago. Run Run Run has a new EP "Good Company" that should be released soon.

Love Like Fire

Love Like Fire hail from San Francisco but could easily call Los Angeles a second home due to their high frequency of Los Angeles shows. Love Like Fire smeer delay riddled fuzzy guitars across Ann Yu's dreamy vocals. Ann also managed to incorporate some notes from her MicroKorg keyboard into some of the songs. It didn't take long for them to hit full stride as they played songs from their 2006 release "Bed of Gold" and 2007 release "An Ocean In the Air". I enjoyed their live show but was even more impressed with how much progression and growth "An Ocean In The Air" shows. "Wish You Dead" could easily dominate the airwaves on any alternative rock station. They will be playing the Indie 103.1 Check One Two night on October 8th.


Reverb is making a huge comeback and Aushua is one of its biggest purveyors. Aushua was purely anthemic. They have studied U2's playbook very well and are able to call a few audibles. I can see why Bronson likes these guys. Nathan Gammill (Guitars/Vocals) was strumming his battered Gibson SG to coax out some haunting reverb tones while providing soaring vocals. Eric Neujahr (Guitars) was providing the alternate reverb/delay tones on his Fender Thinline Telecaster. Their residency at the Detroit Bar seems to have served them well as they honed their live chops. They ran out of cd's by the time I made my way to the merchandise table. Watch out for this band. They have an upcoming residency at the Silverlake Lounge in October.

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