Friday, September 14, 2007

Bob Log III at Spaceland

I am at a loss for words in describing Bob Log III. I had heard that a Bob Log III show was a spectacle to behold. I was determined to double time it out to Spaceland after watching Film School at Fingerprints records.

One must experience a Bob Log III show to fully understand and appreciate the atmosphere and music. Bob Log III plays guitar so well it is disgusting. He was fingerpicking his way throughout the set and using open tuning to augment his metal slide playing. Bob Log III skillfully used his minimalistic setup to his advantage as he mesmerized the capacity of Spaceland.

I will attempt to walk you through his setup. Bob had a mini bass drum at his right foot, a drum kick pedal setup to hit a tambourine/cymbal in the center and two Boss foot switch trigger pedals at his left foot that were attached to two drum Machines. Bob would trigger the Boss pedals and shred along with his demented alien outerspace blues in unison to industrial like drum beats pumping out in the background. The other caveat is that Bob Log III wears a helmet with a telephone inserted into the faceplate that houses a microphone. Bob Log III's vocals are distorted and sound huge.

Bob Log III upped the performance ante when he asked some ladies to help him out during a song as they proceeded to sit on his legs as he continued to stomp away on hit drum kick pedals. This was a concert you had to be at in order to appreciate the magic that was going on. When Bob Log III plays again, you can bet I will be there.

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Mel said...

It was quite the daunting task, but you did a superb job of reviewing the indescribable Bob Log III experience. Until next time... :)