Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Silversun Pickups Acoustic at Fingerprints Records

I was looking forward to having a rare day off on Monday to watch the football game and relax, but I happened to stumble on the Fingerprints Records website to see that the Silversun Pickups were playing an acoustic set on Monday night. Even though I needed the Bears to win the Football game to clinch the pool for the week, I knew I couldn't miss this show. Fingerprints often has acoustic performances at the store but they always seem to fall at bad times. I went a little early to scope it out and secure a good place. As I mentioned with the Hold Steady acoustic performance, you can't hide behind any studio trickery or wall of sound when you play acoustically. I had heard Silversun Pickups acoustically on an AOL music podcast and was really impressed and expected not to be let down. Brian showed up and proceeded to play a stellar acoustic set that showed how great these songs are. The set list included "Well Thought Out Twinkles", "Rusted Wheel", "Three Seed", "Future Foe Scenarios", "Common Reactor", "Lazy Eye", "Kissing Families"(with Nikki), and "Creation Lake". Brian was taking requests so I on the video you can hear my suggestion of "Common Reactor". I would have posted more pictures but I was too busy taking video of the whole thing! Everyone has their best of lists for 2006 and my number one album will be Carnavas. I had given my original copy of Carnavas to a staff member of Team Chemist and was fortunate that they were selling the cd for $10 and you got a nifty poster with it. They signed cd's and posters afterward which was cool. It will be a great way to close out the year with 2 nights of the Pickups at the Troubadour. I drove back hitting In-N-Out on the way and later finding out the Bears won. Not a bad way to start the week.

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