Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wolfmother, Silversun Pickups, Simon Dawes at the Joint

I know that in the description of my blog I mention that I do concert reviews in the L.A., O.C., and S.D. counties but sometimes I will hit up Southworst Airlines and make a trip to Las Vegas. I have seen many great bands at the Hard Rock in my time including Depeche Mode (twice), Nine Inch Nails, Coldplay, Duran Duran, Twisted Sister(1/2 price tickets and it ruled!), Zwan, and Tool. Nothing beats a great show and winning some money. I was in Vegas a month ago for the Muse show which was absolutely phenomenal for a number of reasons. So when I came back I started planning another trip to Vegas. I had seen Wolfmother before at San Diego Street Scene and they rocked the crowd. I missed them at Coachella but apparently they stole the show there as well. My luck increased when they announced that Silversun Pickups would open for them after I had already planned the trip so I knew I would be in for an amazing show. I always like the staying at the Hard Rock Hotel because how many casinos can you walk into and hear Bloc Party, and Interpol while you are playing blackjack? Walking into the Joint I didn't see Joseph's Keyboard setup from the Silversun Pickups and I wondered what was going on. It turns out that Simon Dawes was opening the show. They played a straight up rock set but I was expecting to see the Pickups so I was not really paying too much attention. The Silversun Pickups finally came on after and proceeded to win over the crowd with their fury of feedback, and waves of distortion. Unfortunately they played a condensed set and left out "Common Reactor" which is one of my favorite songs off the album. I guess this is the problem you get when you have too many good songs. Wolfmother came out next and if the Silversun Pickups were playing at "9"... Wolfmother turned it up to the proverbial Spinal Tap "11". Listening to the album will not convey the appropriate message that you get from the Wolfmother live show. Rock, Rock, and more Rock was served up in constant fashion. I am amazed at the amount of music that can eminate from 3 people. The drums were thunderous, and the bass lines were rollicking(sweet Rickenbacker bass). Chris Ross was killing it on the organ as well. All of his pedal effects are fastened to the organ as he drags it around the stage jumping up and down hitting all the notes effortlessly, Highlights included "Woman", and "Joker and the Thief". Wolfmother may never surpass AC/DC as one of the best Australian rock bands out there but hopefully they will be around a long time. I will miss them at KROQ acoustic christmas but will see them tonight at the Palladium.

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