Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sparrow Love Crew at the Detroit Bar

Matt from Delta Spirit

Monday night residencies continued to roar on as I stayed local to drop in on the Sparrow Love Crew at the Detroit Bar. My first encounter with the Sparrow Love Crew was almost a year ago at the Detroit Bar. I managed to keep a close eye on them by reviewing their shows at Spaceland, and the Detroit Bar in June and August.

Matt Vasquez from The Delta Spirit came on stage in disguise holding a spinning arrow sign advertising that the Sparrow Love Crew were free on Mondays. A mash up of Queen "We Will Rock You" and Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like Its Hot" blared over the speakers as The Sparrow Love Crew stormed the stage with a party starting version of "Naidu". Sparrow Love Crew are difficult to characterize but mix and mash elements of Electronica, Hip Hop, and Indie together for a tasty treat. "Monsta Boogie" is ferocious and has all members trading off lyrical duties effortlessly as Dj Opi Styles scratches up a storm in the background. "Nightlife" has a Depeche Mode influenced synthesizer pulsating beat before switching gears into a dance floor inciting riot. They followed up "Nightlife" with another hot jam that seemed to have taken samples from the video game Galaga. DJ Opi Styles didn't get to use his home built Theremin too much but did dazzle the crowd with a trip hop scratching solo that bended a sample of droney guitars. "Who's That?" showcased their MC skills as they had the crowd at the Detroit Bar jumping. A potentially fatal error occurred mid set as the beat dropped out in the middle of the song. The Sparrow Love Crew went acapella and continued the song as some members started the vocal beat box. The crowd roared in approval at the ending of the song to verify how much they enjoyed the acapella version. I would like to see them at a Spaceland residency to test out the Los Angeles crowd because they already have all of O.C. in their back pockets. The Sparrow Love Crew are finishing up their seven song debut EP that will grab the attention of a lot of record labels.

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