Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Delta Spirit and The Colour at the Detroit Bar

This turned out to be an interesting night. After being stuck in 2 hours of Los Angeles traffic and paying $20 for Staples center parking, I was ready to see some hockey. After sitting down 18 rows from center ice at the Los Angeles Kings game, a series of unfortunate events unfolded and I was forced to exit early. My mother used to tell me that you make lemonade if you are given a bunch of lemons. I guess mom was right because I had the epiphany to check out the Delta Spirit and The Colour at the Detroit bar for their residency every Monday this month. I rolled into the Detroit Bar as The Sparrow Love Crew hit the stage. They happen to be an old "skool" rap crew with interesting beats and positive rhymes. The only rap shows I have been to usually involve festivals so I really don't know how they measure up. The DJ was going crazy scratching records like it was the eighties again. The Delta Spirit were up next and the Detroit Bar was the most packed I have ever seen. Where were all these people when Asobi Sesku and Darker my Love played? The Delta Spirit played a great blues rock set with lots of clapping and foot stomping. The piano player even came out and played trashcan for the song ironically named "Trash". They had a great overall sound using some Gibson hollowbody guitars and Fender Deville amps. The Colour stormed the stage with a similar blues rock sound that comes off slightly more polished. I remember seeing them a long time ago open for Dustin Kensrue(Thrice) at the Knitting Factory and have to admit they have come a long way since then. Apparently they have lost one of their guitarists lately but still managed to have a good sound. Wyatt, the lead singer has a lot of Jim Morrison stage moves and a vocal style similar to John Fogerty at times. Some of the highlights from their set included "Save Yourself", and "Devil's Gotta Hold". Their new album comes out in February so check it out. Both bands are playing the Spaceland residency on Thursday as well so you have no excuse not to miss these upcoming bands.

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