Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cold War Kids, Sparrow Love Crew, and Sam Owens at Spaceland

I have been a long time fan of Thrice ever since they used to play the Chain Reaction in Anaheim. I particularly enjoyed the artwork for their album "The Artist and The Ambulance". Can you guess who did the artwork? A website called Now flash forward almost four years later and there is a band stirring up interest called the Cold Ward Kids. Coincidence? I think not. When I saw Dustin Kensrue(Thrice) at the Knitting Factory, he had The Colour open for him. When I went to see The Colour, the Sparrow Love Crew opened for them. I know the Cold War Kids used to open for The Colour. Then I found out the Sparrow Love Crew was opening for the Cold War Kids at Spaceland. Do you follow?
Spaceland was packed for a super sold out night of the Cold War Kids. Samuel Owens was up first rocking a lefty Washburn hollowbody guitar splashed with reverb. Without a backing band, he soldiered through a set that included some piano playing and a good majority of the crowd talking. Its fun to talk to your friends at a show, but if you don't pay attention you may miss a good set. The Sparrow Love Crew were up next and had the full house rocking. Hitting the stage with lots of energy and hip hop beats, they had some hands in the air with lyrics like "you better have brought the peanut butter cause we got the jams". Huge points to DJ Opi Styles who hooked up a DIY theremin to his DJ turntable. The Cold War Kids were up next and lived up to the hype. It was difficult to take good shots because of the constant motion and energy by the band. Johnnie Russell was playing an awesome Gibson archtop hollowbody. His pedal setup included a lonely MXR microamp feeding into his Fender Super Reverb. Nathan Willett was banging on his Yamaha electric piano and a Casio Tone Bank. Matt Maust was rocking the Rickenbacker bass with authority whilie rambling back and forth on stage. Highlights from their set include "Hospital Beds", "Robbers", and "Hang Me Up to Dry". They will be playing the El Rey in a few weeks with some special guests. Anybody know who it will be?

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