Monday, January 22, 2007

Darker My Love at the Orange County Museum of Art

One could assume that after a full day of NAMM that I would not make it out that night for a show. I could not pass up the opportunity to see Darker My Love at the Orange County Museum of Art. They put on a great performance last time I saw them at the Detroit Bar opening for Asobi Seksu. If you listen to the Asobi Seksu live album at the Echo, you can hear the band praise Darker My Love throughout the disc. The boys rambled on stage and the fuzz storm reigned down courtesy of Jared Everett's Z.Vex Fuzz Factory and Z.Vex Super Duper augmented with Tim Presley's Big Muff Distortion pedal running through his Marshall Amp and Orange Cab. Rob Barbato was keeping the low end steady with his Ampeg Bass stack. They play an excellent blend of psychedelic rock with hints of Kyuss, and Dead Meadow. They also had an additional organist thickening up the sound via an Ace Tone organ. They played songs off of their self titled debut album which included a smoking rendition of "What's a Man's Paris". Check out their live recordings at Spaceland as well to get the atmospheric feel that they produce in a live setting. Luckily their set did not run too late as I needed the energy for day 2 of NAMM.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I was at this Darker My Love show, and from the looks of it, you were pretty close to where I was. I was the 17 year old kid to the right. Anywho, I was just searching the net to find anyone who had pics from this show just, for my personal use. If you have any, I would be happy if you could somehow send them to me. Once again, I wouldn't use them or post them on the internet or do anything without your permission. Thanks alot.