Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Black Tooth Bash at the Anaheim Hilton

The hottest afterparty ticket for NAMM was the Black Tooth Bash featuring the Black Tooth All Stars which included members of Black Label Society, Motorhead, Anthrax, Strapping Young Lad, and Slipknot. This party was a tribute to Dimebag Darrell from Pantera who was unexplainably murdered on stage. I had seen Pantera on the Reinventing the Steel Tour at the Long Beach Arena and was floored by how crazy Darrell's solos were live. I luckily secured my pass on Thursday and got to the Hilton early as the representatives of Coffin Case suggested. The Pacific Ballroom was packed to capacity within twenty minutes of the doors opening. It was rumored that a few hundred people were turned away as well. Meldrum featuring Gene Hoglan(Strapping Young Lad/Dark Angel) was up first. Besides Gene, the rest of Meldrum hail from Sweden and sound like fellow compatriots The Sounds mixed with a dash of Kittie. They played an energetic set that ended with a crushing cover of "Walk". The boys of Black Label Society along with JD tore up the stage with covers of songs by Ozzy Osborne, Jimi Hendrix, Ac/Dc, and Van Halen. Scott Ian (Anthrax), Paul Gray (Slipknot), Tim Owens (Iced Earth, Judas Priest), and Vinnie Paul (Pantera) destroyed the stage next with their covers of Kiss, and a scorching version of Judas Priest's "Electric Eye". In between the sets, the crowd was entertained by the Coffin Case girls who were showcasing their new line of products. Nick Bowcutt (Grim Reaper) also did a marathon jam of Pantera riffs that was mind blowing. Lemmy from Motorhead later on took the stage to perform some old Beatles, Sex Pistols, and Thin Lizzy covers. Overall, an amazing night of heavy metal. Thanks again to Coffin Case for the invite!

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