Monday, January 08, 2007

My Morning Jacket at the House Of Blues in Anaheim

Due to my involvement with Tiger Woods Golf on XBOX 360, I was unable to catch Elvis Perkins open the show. But I am sure glad I got to see Jim James and crew rock the House of Blues! The House of Blues was packed to the gills by the time they came on and they proceeded to play a blistering two hour set. I had heard they dazzled a lot of people at Coachella and my friend was saying I would probably enjoy their set. Jim James(Lead Singer/Guitarist) has to be the coolest guy to wear Uggs. He makes up for wearing Uggs with 2 Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifiers and a sweet Gibson flying V with a mirrored pickguard. Throughout the night Jim was busting out the capo all over his fretboard which is something you don't see that often. The keyboardist Bo Koster did an excellent job adding spacy layers and soft keys throughout the night. It was not overpowering but added an excellent layer to the already strong songs. I have all of My Morning Jacket's CD's but I strongly recommend you check out their live DVD Okonokos to get the real experience. The House of Blues is also known for it strict no camera policy but I managed to sneak a few photos in. It was a shame because the lights were setup nicely and the band was rocking out all night. I also would have gotten more pictures of the stage setup which involved a forest background and a small stuffed bear rocking a poncho! After the encore, the guitar tech put his blinking Mickey Mouse Fantasia hat on the bear which was hiliarious. It was funny to actually see smoke clouds in the House of Blues and to see the security guards jump on top of the bars and shine their flashlights of people to signal their staff to kick people out. Even after the encore, people stayed in their spots hoping the band would come back out again until the curtain finally closed. They played the Wiltern the next night and debated about going again but realized that Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks would put on an equally impressive show.

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