Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Vandelles at the Prospector

The Prospector was transformed into a psychedelic den on Saturday night with the strong line up of The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, LSD and the Search For God and The Vandelles. The kaleidoscope of sounds were enhanced with DJ sets by Billgazer and Little Radio's own DJ Short Shorts.

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians were up first and started up the time machine for transport back to the halcyon daze of the sixties. Dwayne (Vocals/Guitar) and Cary (Guitars) had Epiphone Hollowbodies splashed with delay and reverb as they dialed up hazy sounds of psychedelic rock. Jessica (Bass/Organist) had a Hammond Bass Organ at her feet that she deftly used to enhance the bass lines of their tunes. Their latest release is "Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs". If you are into psychedelic rock they fit the bill nicely. I particularly enjoy "No Tomorrow" which is on their Myspace page for your listening pleasure or stop by their website to download four songs for free.

LSD and the Search For God

LSD and the Search For God was intense before they even played a single note. The band had in excess of thirty effect pedals spread out like toys across a child's bedroom. Sophia(Vocals/Guitars) had an ethereal voice along with a cool sticker on her pedalboard that said "Digital is Crap". Andy (Guitars/Vocals) was surrounded by his semi-circle of guitar pedals. His notable pedals included a Z. Vex Seek Wah and a Moog pedal. Andy's vocals were slightly low but the music was comparable to the great wall of China. "I Don't Care" fell somewhere between Asobi Sesku and Film School with Andy and Sophia trading vocal duties as guitars soared behind them. "Backwards" was like a homage to My Bloody Valentine with its broken reverb drenched guitars and whispered vocals. I will have to check them out again to make sure they don't add any more pedals to their collection.

The Vandelles

The Vandelles reminded me of A Place To Bury Strangers with the fact that they are from Brooklyn and use a projector during their performance. In the sound department, The Vandelles come across as a surf noir noise racket. The surf notion was perpetuated by the fact that Dave Herbert (Guitars) was sporting a Dick Dale shirt. Lisha Nadkarni (Bass) was pounding on her OLP bass as the band played with "Dead Wave". Jason Schwartz (Guitars/Vocals) would occasionally go back to his Fender amp to pull some more feedback from his Univox guitar. "Swell To Heaven" could have easily fit on the Jesus & Mary Chain album "Barbed Wire Kisses" with its fuzzed out guitars and surf vibe. The projections added an trippy element to music and help transport the listener back in time. "Lovely Weather" is one of my favorite songs from their self titled EP as the song rains feedback and cuts you with its guitar lines. I mentioned the Jesus & Mary Chain because the Vandelles would later cover "Surfin' USA" just like the Reid brothers back in the day. Jason capped the night with a microphonic feedback tsunami as he put three microphones on his Fender amp. The surf is definitely up for this band.

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