Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Happy Hollows at the Echo

Charlie circa Viper Room

The Happy Hollows impressed me with their performance at the Viper Room. I was determined to check them out again so I stopped by the Echo on Friday night. The Happy Hallows had some competition on Friday night as Club Underground was playing some stunning video footage of one of my favorite bands Lush directly above the Happy Hollows. The Happy Hollows prevailed as they played a crisp twelve song set that has me eagerly anticipating a full length release.

Sarah Negahdari (Vocals/Guitars/Socks) reminded me a bit of Juliana Hatfield as she wielded her Gibson SG like a sonic machete. One can detect elements of the Pixies and Sonic Youth but I wonder if the Blake Babies have ever been sited as an influence. My Juliana Hatfield suspicions were heightened as Sarah started singing a new song in French that reminded me of "Fleur De Lys" from Juliana Hatfield's classic album "Only Everything". Charlie Mahoney (Bass/Keyboards) walked over to his Alesis Ion Keyboard to dial up some Devo inspired keyboard patches as he ripped into "Flower Children". Both Charlie and Sarah sang on this power pop punk jam which needs to be released on their debut full length. "Meteors" was equally pleasing with it sing along chorus from their "Bunnies & Bombs" EP release. "Vietnam" is great live as it is played much faster and propelled by Chris Meanie (Drums). "Colors" snares you with its high bass notes and its jagged rhythms. "Delorean" was another new song that served as a social and political commentary with the band singing, "We all need a Delorean to take us away". The Happy Hollows will be playing with The Pity Party on February 4th at Spaceland which will be a packed house.

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