Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Hollows, Great Northern and The Spores at the Viper Room

It was a holiday party spectacular at the Viper Room sponsored by Indie 103.1 Monday Night's Check One,Two with another great line up consisting of the Happy Hollows, Great Northern, and The Spores. It seems like I have been going to the Viper Room every Monday for weeks now.

Happy Hollows

The Happy Hollows played a short but sweet set when I saw them with the Silversun Pickups in October. I was dazzled by Sarah Negadari's (Guitars/Vocals) rapid two handed tapping skills on her Gibson SG. I thought Charlie M. (Bass) was mimicking Steve Harris from Iron Maiden with his intricate busy bass lines. I remembered a lot of their songs from the time I saw them at the Wiltern which is a very good sign. "Colors" lives up to its name sake with the naming of various colors as they construct a sonic kaleidoscope to accompany the lyrics. Charlie led the band during "A Man A Plan A Canal" which had art damaged guitar lines meshed with a grooving bass line. "Monster Room" was a spastic jump up and down on your bed good time that closed out their set perfectly. Their EP "Bunnies and Bombs" is their latest release and on itunes.

Great Northern

Great Northern has toured relentlessly in support of their amazing debut album "Trading Twilight for Daylight". I can attest to their hectic touring schedule because I will have covered them eight times this year. I particularly enjoyed their set at The Belly Up and Hollywood & Highland. Great Northern were bathed in red lights as they worked through selections from their album. The song "Home" is as soothing a cup of hot chocolate on a cold evening. Solon Bixler (Guitars/Vocals) had his Fender Telecaster Deluxe alternating between his glistening and dusky tones. Great Northern also debuted a new song that started as a echo delayed loop with dual vocals by Rachel Stolte(Keyboards/Vocals) and Solon. Great Northern also re-released their prequel EP "Sleepy Eepee" available on itunes. Eight is not enough as I look forward to seeing Great Northern many more times in 2008.

The Spores

The Spores closed out the night with their self described "Doom Pop". Their sound featured moments of Queens of the Stone Age, The Lovemakers, Burning Brides and Hole with a dash of the theatrics. Greg Biribauer (Guitars) was rocking his Epiphone Flying V guitars for some peanut butter crunchy riffs. Eric Pearson (Drums) had his headphones to help guide his percussive onslaught. Molly Mcguire (Vocals/Bass/Puppets) appeared on stage in a Kabuki mask before she later moved onto her Fender Bass. As their show continued, the theatrics heightened with appearance by a puppet on stilts controlled by Molly as she used a megaphone for vocal distortion. The puppets were funny but I was more impressed with the music. Their album "Doom Pop" is available now and can be downloaded from itunes.

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