Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Place To Bury Strangers at the Viper Room

I have been to a few Viper Room shows this year with Gliss, The Minor Canon, The Pity Party and Gliss once again. I cleared my schedule when I saw the line up of A Place to Bury Strangers, Eulogies, In Waves and Forcefield On.

Oliver Ackermann (Guitars/Vocals) provided the best infomercial ever for Death by Audio pedals by a white hot demonstration with his band A Place To Bury Strangers. The Viper Room was stuffed at 9:15 when A Place To Bury Strangers suffocated the audience with their sheets of noise. "I Know I'll See You" was a great example with a bass line that would make Simon Gallup from The Cure proud. I wonder if it is a coincidence that Jono Mofo (Bass) plays a Gibson Thunderbird bass just like Simon Gallup. A white backdrop of old film footage projected behind them as they played in darkness. This would change near the end of the set as white strobe lights went off like paparazzi flashes to finish off your eyes since your ears were already screaming for help. Oliver emphatically ripped the strings off his white Fender Jaguar at the apex of the song and was drowning the audience with feedback. I had major guitar tone envy at this point. I asked Oliver if he was going to be at NAMM in January to which he unfortunately said no. I guess this means I will have to go find a store who sells Death By Audio pedals.

Eulogies was next on the bill and the trademark Viper Room lights had been restored. It was the fourth time I have caught Eulogies and I can attest they play a solid set every time. "If I Knew You" still stands out as one of the many examples of their formidable songwriting skillls. Peter Walker (Guitars/Vocals) had switched out his TV yellow Gibson Les Paul Jr. for a slick Gibson Hollowbody. "Life Boat" also stook out on this particular night as they performed a blazing rendition of the song. Check out their latest self-titled release on Dangerbird records.

In Waves lived up to their name sake as they submerged the audience in waves of delay and reverb as if you were bobbing up and down in the ocean letting it guide you wherever. Tim Gregorio (Bass) had a Fender Bass working overtime as he really propelled the songs. Jimmy Vincent (Vocals/Guitars) had a distinctive guitar style that culled from many heroes of the Brit pop era. With a quick glance aroud the audience, I noticed a lot of people closing their eyes and getting lost in the music. The song that particularly impressed me was "A walk". I will watch for their upcoming shows very closely.

Forcefield On from Long Beach closed out the night with their horn filled indie rock. The stage could barely hold all the seven members of the band. I was quickly reminded of The Minor Canon after catching a few songs. I may have to catch them again when they play the Prospector in Long Beach on January 31st.

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