Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tool at the Pearl Theatre in the Palms Night 2

One can never go wrong seeing Tool two nights in a row. After sitting a few rows back on night 1, I had pit tickets for the second night. The doors opened early and my brother and I managed to secure a spot on the rail in front of Justin Chancellor (Bass).

Justin appeared with an afro wig as he tore into "Jambi". Justin later tossed his afro out into the first row for an interesting souvenir. Danny Carey (Drums) was sporting his Kansas Basketball jersey with his name on the back. Maynard James Keenan (Vocals) returned to form on this particular night as he moved around more during "Jambi" compared to his statue performance on Thursday. Since I was on the rail, I basically enjoyed the show and didn't take too many notes.

It was interesting to watch the Tool image patrol in action. The Tool image patrol is Tool's security team that has ear pieces and mini red lasers to spot any cameras in the crowd and threaten to kick people out if they take pictures with their camera phones. The staff from the Pearl was running back and forth at the discretion of the Tool image patrol nabbing patrons taking renegade photos. I would love to see their job description when applying for the position.

Maynard did manage to let it rip for the ending scream of "Stinkfist" which gave me flashbacks to the good old days of Tool shows. "Rosetta Stoned" had Justin swinging his bass all over place for different shades of feedback. The visuals during "Rosetta Stoned" featured planets swirling around the universe. "Wings For Marie" and "10,000 Days" was astounding in that I watched Justin shred on the bass. The fingerpicking that Justin does on the song is jaw dropping. The usually problem of Maynard's vocals being too low haunted the band again. "Lateralus" had some humorous moments when the bass tech gave Justin a banana. Maynard peered over and asked Justin, "You hungry?". Justin would later get another banana and offer it to Maynard. Maynard tried to offer the banana to Adam which he reacted with a chuckle. Maynard would later toss the banana out to the crowd. Maynard closed the night saying it was the last night of the tour but it would not be their final show. I still think it will be a few years before we hear from Tool again.

Tool Setlist at the Pearl Theatre at the Palms (12/14/07)
"Rosetta Stoned"
"Wings For Marie"
"10,000 Days"

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