Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mellowdrone at Spaceland on Valentine's Day

Jonathan Bates in Infrasonic Studios working on the new Mellowdrone album (Photo by Celeste T)

I last caught up with Mellowdrone at the Orange County Museum of Art back in October of 2006. I missed their early show at the Echo back in December but have Valentine's Day plans to see them at Spaceland. The real reason I mention this show is that not only that I am a fan of Mellowdrone, but it is a good chance to bring a can of food as a donation to the Los Angeles Food Bank for a discounted ticket. If you are too chicken to ask that someone special on a date, the crafty Mellowdrone folks made it easier for you by making old school Valentines that you can print out here. Come out and show some love and stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Mellowdrone.

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Miss M said...

Those Valentines are awesome!! That is a really cool idea for the show... and great about collecting the food. It's a shame more bands don't do something like that.