Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ladytron and CSS at the John Anson Ford

I already figured that Ladytron would not ask me to come on stage tonight but I was right up front just in case. CSS came up first and with 3 songs left in their set had the whole place dancing in the aisles. Lead singer Lovefoxx was all over the place! They plugged their show at the Echo which promptly sold out by the time I got home. I will see if I can work some magic. Anyways, they played a great set and had lots of energy. CSS was dancing like crazy on the side of the stage for all of Ladytron's set as well.During the CSS set, you could see that they were having a great time on stage which translates to a good live performance. Ladytron was next and was nothing short of spectacular. The fact that Mira had a Ph.D. in genetics from Oxford and plays a mean synth scores huge points with me. I was lucky enought to get a setlist to tally up 19 songs with "Sugar", "Playgirl", and "Destroy Everything You Touch" as the hightlights. I can't wait till the Belly Up.

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