Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Heavy at the Bordello

The Bordello was out of control as The Heavy stopped by for a Playboy sponsored "Rock The Rabbit" bash. There were Playboy bunnies running around chased by a costumed wolf as the Heavy oozed out a batch seductive soul infused rock tunes that absolutely thrilled the packed house.

The Heavy are touring to support their new album Great Vengeance and Furious Fire that could be the new Marvin Gaye inspired soundtrack for the indie generation. "Coleen" had the crowd howling as Swaby (Vocals) worked the females in the audience with his natural showman skills. A sampled horn section compelled the audience to sway and dance as Swaby sang "Do You Wanna Make Love?". The temperature in the Bordello was rising extremely fast with no signs of cooling off.

The cowbell was being rocked by Chris Ellul (Drums) as the guitars and bass entangled each other for an stunning version of "Set Me Free". Little Hannah Collins (Keyboards/Vocals) was adding her silky background vocals to the track as Swaby continued to encourage female audience participation. Swaby is a natural born performer and his stage presence is galvanizing. He would alternate between a normal microphone and a CB microphone to add some distortion to his vocals.

"In The Morning" kicked up the temperature a few degrees as the bouncing piano keys made you jump up and down as Spencer "Big Daddy Spence" Page kept the low end grooving. Dan T (Guitars) started off "Girl" with his marching palm muted power chords as Swaby dived headfirst into the storytelling lyrics of the song as Hiromi Oshima bunny hopped at his side. The jazzy horn samples of "That Kind Of Man" along side samples of blasting air horns kicked things into a even higher gear. Everyone in the Bordello was drenched in sweat at this time. The audience howled for an encore that quickly wrapped up their all too brief thirty minute set. It was a howling good time as you can tell by the pictures.

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