Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dawn Landes at Spaceland

After catching Headway at the House of Blues Sunset, I double timed it down to Spaceland to catch the indie folk songs of Dawn Landes. I was glad I caught her set as her honey soaked vocals quickly won over the audience and pulled in any stragglers from the bar. "Straight Lines" from her latest album "Two Three Four" started her set as she churned out a catchy acoustic riff. Ray Rizzo (Drums/Keyboards) was using various drum brushes and different shakers to add various shades of percussion to make all of Dawn's songs really stand out from each other. "Twilight" sparkled as brightly as the song title as Dawn played the wistful notes from her guitar. A breezy version of "Tired of This Life" had an uplifting acoustic riff with lyrics that were laced with hope. "Kissing Song" ebbed and flowed nicely as the guitar riff would rise and fill in line with her soft vocals. Dawn had a nice assortment of Boss pedals at her feet including a Boss looping pedal. "Bodyguard" and a cover from Tom Waits capped her short but sweet set. A few crowd members even chanted for "Young Folks" from Peter, Bjorn and John as Dawn has a pretty amazing bluegrass tinged version of the song on her Myspace page. Dawn will be heading out for a tour of the UK with the mighty Weakerthans. I hope the tour can make a US stop.

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