Monday, May 12, 2008

Duran Duran at the Nokia Theatre

The marquee flashed "Duran Duran-Sold Out!" as I strolled up the Nokia Theatre. As a fan of synthesizers, I was excited to see how many keyboards would be in front of Nick Rhodes (Keyboards) as I would take a trip down memory lane to hear some hit songs from the '80s and '90s as they toured in support of their new album Red Carpet Massacre. I didn't see Duran Duran in the '80s but did see them at the Forum with Terrence Trent D'Arby in the early '90s.It was sad to see that Andy Taylor (Guitars) had left prior to the recording of Red Carpet Massacre but four out of five isn't as bad compared to the years when it was just Nick and Simon Le Bon (Vocals).

The largely female crowd in the front screamed wildly as the house lights dimmed. "The Valley" kicked off the show as Simon worked the stage with a spiffy dress coat emblazoned with the letter "D". John Taylor (Bass) was stationed behind his mirror reflective "D" logo keyboard stand that had contained a Korg Radias. "Hungry Like The Wolf" was surprising early in the set but delighted old and new fans at the same time. The nostalgia didn't stop as "Planet Earth" sounded absolutely pristine. "Come Undone" had John step to the front of the stage and play a few extra funky bass lines on his custom Peavey Bass. Nick was working the keys on his Alesis Andromeda during "The Reflex" as I thoroughly enjoyed the rapid arpeggiated notes. I was surprised to see Simon play some gentle chords on an acoustic guitar during "Save A Prayer".

Duran Duran took a quick break only to return to perform a mini electro set that was electronically delicious. Roger Taylor (Drums) had a Midi electronic drum kit setup as John and Nick had their "D" logo keyboard stands with Korg Radias keyboards on top. Simon also got into the synthesizer action with a microkorg situated in front of him as he rocked the headset mic. They did electronically amplified versions of "All She Wants" and an extra spicy version of "Warm Leatherette".

The rapid shutter clicks and sound of camera flashes immediately tipped off "Girls On Film" as the stage lights were synchronized with the sounds of the flashes. Soaring synth pads of "Ordinary World" filled the Nokia Theatre as Simon really nailed all the notes. I was impressed how good Simon still sounds after all the years. "Rio" closed out the dynamic set with a saxophone solo added to fill out the sound. If they played the same setlist every night, I wouldn't complain as they hit a good portion of their hits mixed with some of their better new songs. This show was will be tough to beat in terms of numbers of synthesizers on stage and performance of the band.

Duran Duran Setlist for the Nokia Theatre(5/04/08)
"The Valley"
"Red Carpet Massacre"
"Nite Runner"
"Hungry Like The Wolf"
"Planet Earth"
"Falling Down"
"Come Undone"
"The Reflex"
"Save A Prayer"
"A View To A Kill"
"Last Chance"
"All She Wants"
"Warm Leatherette"
"I Don't Want"
"Skin Trade"
"Girls On Film"
"Ordinary World"
"Reach For The Sunrise"
"Wild Boyz"

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