Saturday, May 10, 2008

Does It Offend You Yeah? at the El Rey Theatre

I didn't make it out to Coachella but heard reports that Does It Offend You Yeah? had a huge audience at the Gobi Tent. I was curious to check them out as they were recently added as support for a few Nine Inch Nails dates on their upcoming U.S. tour.

DJ Kid Lightning

They say lightning never strikes twice. I beg to differ as DJ Kid Lightning struck the audience with another electro throbbing DJ set prior to Does It Offend You Yeah? DJ Kid Lightning was often interrupted in his set by audience members inquiring what specific track was he spinning. I also have to give him props for wearing a sweet Iron Maiden tour shirt.

Does It Offend You Yeah?

Does It Offend You Yeah? owned the stage from the second they appeared from the darkness. The synthesizer dominated track of "Weird Science" started the party with its Daft Punk vibe. The crowd was dancing their tails off as Morgan Quaintance (Guitars/Vocals/Synthesizers) coordinated the chaos on stage. James Rushent (Bass/Vocals) worked the vocoder as the robotic vocals of "Doomed Now" kept the crowd vigorously moving. Their performance was like chugging a can of Jolt in that they were twice the energy and twice the fun. Morgan was a wiz on his Fender stratocaster often stomping on his Boss Super Octave pedal for some bizarre octave effects. "Battle Royale" was a furious synthesizer fueled throw down that was squarely pushed the audience's jump up and down button. "Let's Make Out" was a crowd favorite with Morgan grabbing the cowbell to add some extra funk to the song. "We Are Rockstars" has been a ubiquitous club jam that I have heard repeatedly but it never sounded more fresh with Does It Offend You Yeah? performing it live. The sugar and caffeine rush had barely reached its apex when Does It Offend You Yeah? walked off stage.

Yo Majesty

The El Rey unfortunately emptied out before Yo Majesty hit the stage. I am not a big rap fan but stuck around to check out their rapid fire raps and dirty electro beats. The crowd that did stick around were treated to a high energy performance from Shunda K. and Jwl B. Yo Majesty also had some stage dancers to add some background action to the dynamic rapping duo who were stationed at the front of the stage. I left the El Rey still buzzing from an eclectic night of music.

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