Friday, May 23, 2008

Ghostland Observatory at the Detroit Bar

Even though it was scorching hot, Ghostland Observatory gave an energetic performance that was quite memorable at Vegoose. It was extremely cool to see Ghostland Observatory at the Detroit Bar as they usually play larger venues like the Henry Fonda in Los Angeles.

If you only heard Ghostland Observatory before actually seeing them live, you might think it was a five member ensemble. Instead, Ghostland Observatory is a dynamic Austin, Texas duo. The caped synthesizer crusader Thomas Turner had an impressive keyboard setup that included a Yamaha Motif and a Korg MS2000 that pumped out electronic goodness all night. Aaron Behrens (Vocals/Guitars) was a madman pouncing all over the stage as the ladies parked in front of the stage were transfixed. "Stranger Lover" was sultry vocoder filled jam that really turned up the heat as Aaron dispensed some distorted notes on his Fender Telecaster. The crowd was screaming louder then Aaron for "Sad Sad City" as the dark synthesizer bass line snuggled with laser gun blasts of synthesizer. I knew Ghostland could rock a festival but I was even more impressed with their energy in a smaller venue. The band got lost in the groove of "Midnight Voyager" as the pulsating beat and sultry guitars never let up. Ghostland has been touring in support of their album Robotique Majestique that is laden with gushing synthesizers and brimming with Aaron's energetic vocals. "Heavy Heart" was another dance inciting riot that had Aaron frequently singing directly in faces of the adoring fans in the front as they danced away. Ghostland came back for an encore of "Silver City" that can only be described as pure synthesizer bliss. I was expecting Ghostland to play for about an hour but was they never let up as they went on for an hour and a half giving the crowd all that they could ask for. If you like synthesizers as much as I do, do not miss Ghostland Observatory when then come through your town.

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