Tuesday, July 17, 2007

She Wants Revenge at the OC Fair

She Wants Revenge hit every single venue it could while supporting their debut self titled album. They played the Henry Fonda theatre, the Wiltern, the Troubadour, The El Rey, The Grove in Anaheim, The Galaxy Theatre, The Greek Theatre, Coachella, and managed to snag an opening slot for some of the Depeche Mode dates. Their live show has evolved since the first time I saw them at the Troubadour. I figured I would check out their evolution process at the Orange County Fair.

I missed The Make Out Party who went on stage exactly at 7:30. The Orange County Fair apparently runs on a strict time table as well as a strict curfew.

Louis XIV by the way of San Diego was next and play a sleazy, tongue in cheek brand of dirty rock. They used to open for the Killers back in the day and pitched in some background vocals for the Killers latest album. The sound mix for Louis XIV was pretty bad. "Finding Out True Love Is Blind" was slaughtered in the mix and the main keyboard parts were not heard. Jason Hill (Vocals/Guitar) was swaggering all over the stage with his Epiphone Hollowbody flanked by vintage Silvertone amps. Jimmy Armbrust (Bass) was rocking the Rickenbacker bass. They played an assortment of tunes from their debut album with only one new song in the batch. They will be resuming their tour with the Killers in September and have their sophomore album due this fall.

She Wants Revenge opened with a tension filled new tune titled "Written In Blood". It featured the baritone vocals of Justin Warfield (Vocals/Guitars). The song manged to melt in some cowbell along with the dark tension filled guitar lines. Adam 12 (Bass/Synths) had the rhythm section interlocked with Scot Ellis (Drums). Adam 12 was using a Roland Fantom-X8 most of time but twiddled with a sweet Moog Little Phatty synthesizer for "True Romance". Justin was showing off his tobacco Sunburst Gibson Hollowbody guitar running thru his Marshall half stack which is a far cry from his old setup of a small Fender amp and Fender thinline telecaster. "True Romance" had a shuffling drum beat with a pulsating synth line augmented by a walking bass line. "What I Want" was the most impressive of the new songs with a dangerous slinky bass line and a complementing guitar line that would make the boys of Interpol blush. Their sophomore album is due in October and I will go on record to say that "What I Want" will be the first single. I also hope to hear a lot more Moog Little Phatty on the album.

She Wants Revenge Setlist for the Pacific Amphitheatre at the Orange County Fair
"Written In Blood"
"Out of Control"
"These Things"
"Broken Promises For Broken Hearts"
"True Romance"
"What I Want"
"Red Flags and Long Nights"
"Someone Must Get Hurt"
"She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not"
"Tear You Apart"

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