Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Klaxons at the El Rey Theatre

It seemed like I just saw the Klaxons a few weeks ago at the Echoplex. The Klaxons are still touring behind their debut album "Myths Of The Near Future" which I picked up on my trip out to the U.K. a few weeks before it was released stateside. The album is a nice hodgepodge of dark acid synth lines, scattered drums, awkard guitars and rapid fire vocals. The true essence of the Klaxons lies in their live shows.

Fist Fite hailing from the musical hotbed of Oregon opened with an interesting mix of drums, bass, cheesy keyboard lines and barked vocals. Jonnie Monroe (Vocals/Synths) broke free from her keyboard rack a few times to entice the crowd to dance, but most of the crowd stared back. They sounded like a combination of Peaches, Kristeen Young, and Joan Jett mixed together.

The El Rey was completely packed when the Klaxons finally hit the stage. In order to fully appreciate the Klaxons live, one must be up front and center amongst the pile of sweaty kids dancing away. I jinxed myself for this show because I previously reported that I didn't see any glowsticks at the Echoplex show. The glowsticks were out in force tonight. I wonder how many of the kids in attendance actually have been to a rave. Simon Tayor-Davis (Guitars) was wielding a sweet lefty Jazzmaster or switching to a sleek Black Mustang. The only problem was that I didn't here any notes he was playing because the guitars were so low or the bass and synths were so high. James Righton was still holding down his synth lines with his Korg XP50 and his Korg Chaoss Pad 3 for the siren samples of "Atlantis to Interzone". Jamie Reynolds was hovering around the stage as he crushed out the bass grooves on his Rickenbacker bass. The crowd in the very front seemed to be having the time of their life while I played it safe on the sides. In retrospect, I probably should have moved up front to enjoy the show but then I remember when The Horrors played they seemed to have the entire audience engaged. At the rate the Klaxons are going, I assume they will play the Wiltern when they come back.

Klaxons setlist for the El Rey Theatre (7/10/07)
"The Bouncer"
"Atlantis To Interzone"
"Hall Of Records"
"Totem On The Timeline"
"Golden Skans"
"As Above, So Below"
"Two Receivers"
"Forgotten Works"
'Gravity's Rainbow"
"Isle Of Her"
"It's Not Over Yet"
"Four Horsemen of 2012"

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