Thursday, July 26, 2007

Eskimohunter and Mezzanine Owls at Spaceland

Why break a streak of three shows in a row when Eskimohunter is in the midst of their free Monday Spaceland residency? I was also excited to see the Mezzanine Owls again after watching them rock at the Little Radio warehouse.

I got to Spaceland minutes before the Mezzanine Owls appeared onstage. Spaceland was more crowded on this particular Monday and a good sized audience was ready to be dazzled by the Mezzanine Owls. They are still touring supporting their debut album "Slingshot Echoes" but have been peppering their set with some spectacular news songs that showcase their growth as a band. I highly recommend you check out this album if you like droney fuzzed out guitars beautifully interlaced with blasts of melody. In a live setting, the Mezzanine Owls sound even bigger then on cd. Dan Horne (Bass) was playing his Gibson Hollowbody bass loud enough to rattle your chest while Jonathan Zeitlin (Guitar/Keyboards) was creating some sonic wizardry via his Korg MS2000 or effectively using a metal slide and delay with his Fender Guitar. It is only a matter of time before they blow up.

The Eskimohunter crew came out of the gates with their sonic guns blazing. Eskimohunter made their 45 minute set go by in seconds with a more hypnotic set. I could tell how much tighter the band sounded very early from the set. Chris Horgatron (Keyboards) was controlling his Apple laptop splicing in movie dialogue into the set for added textures. Jenni Tarma (Bass) reminded me of Melissa Auf De Maur as she was rocking out and bumping into Jason71 (Vocals/Guitars) during the set. John Riccardi (Guitars) was creating a huge wall of sound from his two pedalboards and incorporated an Ebow into a song. They are playing the Detroit Bar on August 16th but I will be in San Diego to see Autolux. I will hopefully catch them at Sunset Junction on August 19th.

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