Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Eskimohunter at Spaceland

It seems like every time a good band does a residency at Spaceland I have a show conflict that prohibits me from attending some free shows. I was excited to see that my calendar was clear to check out the noisy goodness of Eskimohunter.

The Secret 6 by the way of Long Beach were on at just a bit past nine and started things off with a hypnotic synth groove from a Nord Lead 2x as they delved into their space/power rock influenced songs. I remember seeing them in December of last year and enjoyed some of the riffs that James Thompson (Vocals/Guitars) was deploying on his Fender Stratocaster plugged into his Orange amp half stack. James was rocking out so hard he blew his string. Glenn Coie (Guitars, Keyboards) was providing some nice counter melodies on top of the songs. Their debut album comes out in August.

Mere Mortals based out of Los Angeles kept up the rock anthems with a heavy nod to the Brits. I detected elements of Oasis, Primal Scream, and Stone Roses in their songs. Mimi Star (Bass) by the way of Japan was the show stealer rocking out on her Schecter star inlay bass. She was rocking so hard her Bass amp fuse broke. I guess she wanted to upstage The Secret 6. They have a self released album "Rebel Radio" on itunes. Check out "Jesus Trip" and "The Hard Light".

Eskimohunter started into their set after a lengthy delay in setting up their gear. The agony of the delay was quickly abated by some stargazer rock that leaves the listener looking up to the stars instead of staring down at their shoes. Their listed influences are some of my favorite bands like Autolux, The Doves, My Bloody Valentine, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Jason71 was emitting hypnotic guitar lines from his Fender Jaguar as John Riccardi (Guitars) was the sonic wizard on his Gibson Les Paul and bevy of pedals littered at his feet. I will get a picture of his two pedalboards in a few weeks. Legallo (Keyboards) lived up to his superhero like name operating his Apple Laptop and spilicing in synth washes amongst the movie dialogue into their songs. I was especially impressed by their Depeche Mode cover of "Never Let Me Down Again". I highly recommend going to their July 23 show with the mighty Mezzanine Owls.

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