Saturday, July 07, 2007

Bloodcat Love at Spaceland

I couldn't go a whole week without a concert so I was excited to find out that Bloodcat Love was playing Spaceland for five dollars on a Friday night. I mentioned this before but you can't go to the movies for five dollars anymore let alone see a high quality rock show.

Bloodcat Love plays a brand of octane fueled garage sleaze rock that can't help but make your body move. Myles Hendrick (Vocals) was all over the stage climbing and crawling his way across the stage and into the crowd to get all the Silverlake regulars to pay attention. The guitars were screaming along in unison powered by an Orange Amp Combo and a Fender Tweed Amp. I also spotted a Crowther Hot Cake Overdrive pedal onstage to coax out some of their screaming leads. I have to give the band credit for playing as hard and fast as they did because the set seemed to be way too short. Tell all your friends to see Bloodcat Love now before it is too late.

Bloodcat Love setlist for Spaceland (7/6/07)
"Dirty White Fingernails"
"Viva Modular"
"Yeah Yeah Sweet"
"City Song"
"Gold + Tar"
"Roses Of Trust"
"The Fever"

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