Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wolfmother at the Grove of Anaheim

It was Guitar Hero night at the Grove in Anaheim. Both Wolfmother and Burning Brides are featured on the Guitar Hero video game. It is an extremely addicting video game, but nothing beats the real thing as far as I am concerned.

I didn't hear who was going to open for Wolfmother until I called the Grove to find out that Burning Brides were opening. I hadn't seen the Burning Brides in years but remembered they rocked. I saw them long time ago when they played with Chevelle at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim. I also saw them open for Perfect Circle in 2004. They came out rocking with their guitar hero track "Heart Full of Black". Dmitri Coats(Vocals/Guitars) was rocking his custom Motor Ave Lemans guitar. It looks like a cross between a Gibson SG and a Mosrite. Its stunning looks were trumped by the buzzsaw riffs that Dmitri was throwing down. Melanie Coats(Bass) was running around stage playing some sick bass grooves. Their overall sound is in the realm of Queens of The Stone Age with sprinkles of Nirvana moments. I was excited to pick up their new cd "Hang Love". It was good to see them back on stage bringing the rock to the masses.

Wolfmother took the audience into another "Dimension" with Andrew Stockdale(Vocals/Guitars) cranking out the metal on his Gibson ES-335. Since Wolfmother has only one album, they extended a lot of the songs into jam sessions. Wolfmother seems to have fully embraced its Led Zeppelin roots. This was evident during "White Unicorn" when Andrew busted out a shiny Gibson Doubleneck like Jimmy Paige. Unforunately Chris Ross's (Bass/Organ) sponsorship with Rickenbacker must have ended because he was using a Fender Bass. The songs didn't seem to have that sharp biting low end that they usually have. I attribute this to the lack of the Rickenbacker. Chris's organ playing was still superb and I spotted a Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man strapped to his organ. Wolfmother was excellent and have gained more confidence since I last saw them at the Palladium. Andrew was strutting around stage and interacting with the crowd. I guess winning a Grammy can do that. One thing I noticed about Wolfmother was their songwriting. They start with a catchy riff and will deviate for a bit off of the riff but always come back in time to the main hook of the song. I guess that is why their music is termed "Groove Metal". Assuming that they ever stop touring, we may get a sophomore album from them.

Wolfmother Setlist for The Grove of Anaheim (5/9/07)
"Apple Tree"
"White Unicorn"
"Love Train"
"Where Eagles Have Been"
"Pleased To Meet You"
"Mind's Eye"
"Joker and The Thief"


Tania said...

thanks for the pictures. the camera i had wasn't the best and i wasn't happy with the pictures i had. loved the review!

Anonymous said...

I'll Give You Anything is actually called Pleased To Meet You. Caught WolfMother last week and they totally rocked!