Monday, May 28, 2007

Albert Hammond Jr. at the House of Blues Sunset

I can't remember the last time I was the House of Blues in Hollywood. I prefer to go to the House of Blues in Anaheim because its closer and the parking is free. House of Blues shows suck because they use a security wand to make sure you don't bring in a camera. In light of all of the above, I soldiered out to Hollywood to check out another show by Albert Hammond Jr. His debut album is a sunny slab of pop tunes that sounds good on a Sunday morning driving down the coast.

The Dead Trees from the way of Cambridge, Massachusetts started the night off right. I hadn't heard of them before but they played a good set. It reminded me of Pavement when they did their slower country tinged songs. They have released an EP "Fort Minor" which I should have purchased in retrospect. I particularly enjoyed their songs "Television" and "Shelter" which are both featured on their myspace page.

The opening vocoder vocals of "Autobahn" by Kraftwerk blared over the speaker system as Albert Hammond Jr. and his band walked on stage. His new album "Yours to Keep" clocks in at a blazing 39 minutes which he stretched out into an hour and change set that left the crowd cheering for more. Albert was still using his trademark Olympic White Fender Stratocaster along with his two Jekyll and Hyde overdrive pedals. Steve Schlitz (Guitars) was rocking a Fender Jazzmaster. As much as I enjoy seeing Albert Hammond Jr. live, I hope he can let Steve get back to his day job of fronting the band Longwave. I really enjoyed their last album "There's A Fire". Albert closed the set with a mini destruction of the stage and told the crowd that he had no songs left as they cheered for more.

Albert Hammond Jr. Setlist for the House Of Blues Sunset
"Everyone Gets A Star"
"In Transit"
"Call An Ambulance"
"Cartoon Music For Superheroes"
"Bright Young Thing"
"Blue Skies"
"Postal Blowfish"
"Hard To Live In The City"

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