Friday, May 04, 2007

Tool at Cox Arena Night 2 (5/3/07)

Did I mention that I really like Tool? I would not normally go to San Diego two nights in a row, but for Tool I would.

I unfortunately missed all of Kinski due to the lovely traffic at the 5 and 405 but made it in time to see Tool's set. I would check out Kinski again when they play a smaller show here in Los Angeles. The lights dimmed and Adam Jones started the tricky riff of "Jambi" and finished it with the usual seering talkbox solo. "Stinkfist" was punctuated with a huge scream by Maynard Keenan (Vocals) that recalled the old days of Tool. Maynard also asked how many people came out from Los Angeles (guilty). The cheer from the crowd was fairly significant. After successfully baiting those people, he said something along the lines that this was San Diego and there are no VIPs here. The crowd roar was much louder at this point. "46&2" ended with a Adam Jones (Guitars) wah drenched finish coupled with a Danny Carey (Drums) drum flurry . One point I forgot to mention with "Schism" is that the visuals are sped up in time when the band picks up the pace. It was very impressive. "Rosetta Stoned" featured some demonic vocal effects courtesy of Maynard at the end. "Pushit" was the highlight for me as it is one of the songs I love to play on guitar. One thing I noticed throughout the show was how much Adam leaves his wah pedal engaged as a filter. During "Vicarious" the eyes on the cover of 10,000 days were projected on the floor that the band was performing. I haven't seen anything like that at other shows. The night ended with Maynard saying you don't have to go home..but you can't stay here. I wish I could have stayed all night.

Tool at Cox Arena Night 2 (5/3/07) Setlist:
"46 and 2"
"Rosetta stoned"
"Wings For Marie"
"10,000 Days"


Sus said...

I'm officially jealous. I went to a Mastodon show on Tuesday and as of now I've got to wait until July for Incubus @ the Greek for my next concert. Granted, I did get the mini-half show for NIN a few weeks ago.

Also, if you hear of any secret shows for Beck, let me know! Hunter would love the information. Hope you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

Man am I jealous. I am "vicariously" living my tool fantasies through you. Wish I could see them in Charlotte.

Unknown said...

The May 3rd show was my first Tool show. Hopefully it won't be my last. :)

Anonymous said...

It was my first tool concert also. It was epic.

"how many of you came all the way down from LA?... well you can leave your hollywood bullshit at the door."