Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Wiltern

I knew this was going to be a great show before it even started due to the fact I found street parking by the Wiltern. I was also excited that I could take pictures during the show and not get hassled by the powers that be.

In transit between San Diego and Los Angeles, The Black Angels cd magically dropped in price by five dollars. I decided to congratulate The Black Angels on this decision and purchase a copy. The Black Angels played another strong set that went smoother this time around. I recognized the songs this time around and the sound was mixed nicely. Since I was up closer, I was mesmerized by the appearance of a Rogue Electric Sitar that the band was using. It definitely added a huge psychedelic edge to their sound. I will see them at the cozy Troubadour in a few weeks.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) appeared onstage to a large ovation from its adopted hometown. Robert Levon Been (Bass,Vocals) remarked that it was the largest headlining sellout crowd that they have played. They started off with "Took Out A Loan" from Baby 81 and the rock show had begun. Nick Jago (Drums) kicked down a disco beat coupled with a propulsive driving guitar riff of "Berlin". The band had more energy onstage and seemed to be enjoying themselves. I was excited to hear "Heart + Soul" again but was pleasantly surprised when Robert started the fuzz bomb bass line of "Stop" instead. Peter Hayes (Guitars/Vocals) was killing it on the harmonica during "Ain't No Easy Way". "Mercy" was fantastic as Robert had requested that the lights to be switched off as he strummed away on his Gibson Acoustic. Peter's massive guitar sound was dominant again running through his Fender Band Master amp heads. They ended their set with a shimmery rendition of "All You Do Is Talk" which was peppered with Peter's weeping guitar lines. Robert also made someone's life complete as he handed out his Gibson Hollowbody Bass. I was on the wrong side of the pit. I guess I would have been rewarded if I played bass.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Setlist for the Wiltern (5/8/2007)
"Took out a Loan"
"Spread Your Love"
"Lien on Your Dreams"
"Weapon of Choice"
"Whatever Happened To My Rock & Roll"
"Red Eyes and Tears"
"Not What You Wanted"
"666 Conducer"
"Need Some Air"
"American X"
"Fault line"
"Devil's Waitin'"
"Ain't No Easy Way"
"All You Do Is Talk"

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