Sunday, May 20, 2007

Patrick Wolf at the Troubadour

One has to possess a little talent if you have released 3 albums by the age of 26. Patrick Wolf has talent in spades. He displayed these talents as he won over the a packed house at the Troubadour.

No Bra opened up the evening with a stripped down performance. I mean that literally. The front row was a little surprised by the shirtless performer. No Bra played a derivative mix of electro shock dance pop. The performance reminded me of Peaches but not nearly as entertaining or as catchy. It seemed a little contrived.


Pity Party got the party started with their spastic guitar lines augmented with some dark synth basslines cranked out by Heisenflei on her Yamaha DX7 as she drummed along. M (Guitars/Vocals) had his Big Muff pedal cranked as he doled out fuzzy guitar lines. I remembered most of the songs that they had played when I saw them previously open for the Silversun Pickups a month ago. I forgot to pick up their EP but will catch them again. They will be playing with the Raveonettes at the Echo and down in San Diego at the Casbah in early June.

Patrick Wolf sauntered onto the stage and picked up his ukulele to a large ovation and opened with "Wolf Song". Patrick Wolf showcased some of his musical talents as he switched between violin, piano and ukulele effortlessly. One disappointment was that a theremin was onstage but not used. Patrick's band consisted of a double bass on stage as well as a violin player, drummer, and a keyboardist. I enjoyed the violin work combined with some of the electronic programming because it reminded me of The Album Leaf. The crowd seemed to have enjoyed every moment of the show. I was not as enthusiastic for some reason. Patrick is talented but I need to familiarize myself with more of his work to formulate a better opinion. I did enjoy "Accident or Emergency" though. He plans to play with a full orchestra in London in November which should be interesting.

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