Monday, February 09, 2009

Gliss at Spaceland

I neglected to publish a list of bands to watch in 2009. If I did, Gliss would most certainly be included as they prepare to release their new album Devotion Implosion in April. A few preview tunes have made an appearance on itunes with the tantalizing cover shot of a Fender Jazzmaster. This cover crosses into hollowed ground by invoking the sonic spirit of My Bloody Valentine's album Loveless.


Gliss popped up on my radar back in December of 2006 when they played a KROQ Locals Only show. Feeling a bit under the weather, I soldiered out to Spaceland in the inclement climate for a thundering set by the dynamic trio. Spaceland was bustling with a number of people who had arrived early dispelling the myth that Los Angeles folks don't go out when it rains.

Gliss lived up to their cover art when Martin Klingman (Vocals/Guitars/Drums/Bass) unsheathed a Fender Jazzmaster from his guitar case for the shimmering chords of "The Patrol". I knew Gliss would debut some new songs, but I was unprepared for 8 of the 9 songs to be brand new. David Reiss (Guitars/Bass) would eventually get his turn on the Fender Jazzmaster as Gliss is renowned for switching off instruments throughout their set.

A buzzy bass line dictated "Morning Light" which immediately caught my ear but I would later by overwhelmed by jagged guitars and ethereal vocal harmonies washing over me. It was difficult to digest all the songs because I was pleasantly surprised by each song and the various shifts in tone and style between each song.

"Love Songs" was another newer song that I seemed to remember hearing before back at the Viper Room in 2007. "Blue Sky" was immediately recognizable with its crashing hi-hat pattern and howling guitars. The set winded down with the atmospheric "Sister Sister". Gliss will be heading down to SXSW but I will be keeping my eyes peeled for any other local dates.

Gliss setlist at Spaceland (2/6/09)
"The Patrol"
"Morning Light"
"Anybody Inside"
"29 Acts of Love"
"Love Songs"
"Blue Sky"
"Sister Sister"

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