Friday, February 27, 2009

Chemical Reactions

Zaza at the Echoplex
My latest musical obsession is the Zaza "Cameo" EP. It is absolutely haunting and is available as a free download. If you read this site regularly, then I guarantee you will dig this EP.

Ned's Atomic Dustbin was one of my favorite bands from the '90s. I think more bands should try having two bassists in their lineup. I beg someone to file a report from their reunion show in Nottingham on May 23rd.

Great Northern at 4th & B
March 16th is a concert conundrum. I am signed up for Primal Scream at Club Nokia but if they weren't playing I would see Great Northern at the Silverlake Lounge or Asobi Sesku at the Detroit Bar or Youth Group/Nico Stai at Spaceland. Living in Southern California can be difficult sometimes.

The Decemberists at the Hollywood Bowl

The Decemberists are hitting up SXSW and are running a contest were you can design the concert poster here. They will hit up the Hollywood Palladium on May 19th to kick off their tour.

The Pity Party

The Pity Party need your help. They are playing a fundraising gig at the Echoplex on March 1st. Donate some cash and help them help you by helping other people. Donate here.

Local music photographers have naturally united for a photography and live music exhibit starting this Friday. Ben Hoste, Simon Cardoza and Jeff Koga will be displaying their wares over the course of a month with a ton of great local bands in tow. I probably should stop by on Friday to see Le Switch, since I inexplicably missed their residency at Spaceland.

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Jack Astro said...

Ned's Atomic Dustbin were definitely one of the best UK bands of the '90s.

Hum had a reunion. Plexi had a reunion. I am digging the revival. :)