Thursday, August 16, 2012

Down By Law at the Observatory

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I love Down By Law. Their brand of high energy well crafted melodic punk songs have always caught my attention. I foolishly missed their last concert a number of years ago at the Knitting Factory and had never seen them live until my eyes popped out of my head when I saw they were scheduled to play the Observatory.

The surprises didn't stop coming as Down By Law have a new album out entitled "Champions At Heart". Down By Law is fronted by the venerable Dave Smalley who was in Dag Nasty and All. I barely got to the Observatory in time to run into the pit and start shooting as the band was blasting through "Gruesome Gary".

Smalley sounded fantastic live as he bashed out the power chords to the song on his First Act guitar. His supporting band mates did a good job of keeping up with his rapid fire riffs. Since Down By Law were openers for the Casualties and the Necromantix, the crowd seemed bewildered by their hard edged melodic punk but I did see some old school punks mixing it up in the pit.

I was torn between singing along and taking notes but honestly gave in to just absorbing their show since it was my first time ever seeing them and I knew their set would go by in seconds. Smalley would later tell the crowd they were in for a treat as they worked through some Dag Nasty songs to conclude their set. I will keep a close eye on their website and twitter account in the hopes they play in the area again.

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