Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Divine Fits at the Masonic Lodge


It was hot, sweaty and loud just like a good rock and roll show should be. Although it was their ninth performance, Divine Fits were locked in and ready to rock as their debut album, A Thing Called Divine Fits was just released by the fine folks at Merge Records. Britt Daniel strapped on his Fender Bass and uncorked the slinky bass line to "Flaggin A Ride" while easily handling the vocals.


While I was impressed on my initial spins of the album, Divine Fits turn it up a several notches live with sharper riffs and adding a punk edge to their tunes. In the midst of a song, Daniel walked over to drummer Sam Brown telling him to play faster to which he happily obliged and sped up the beat. Dan Boeckner was excellent slashing away at his Fender Thinline Telecaster.


Another important aspect of their live show is the additional keyboards played by Alex Fishchel who recreated the pulsating synths on "The Salton Sea". Since they have two more than capable frontmen, it is difficult to take in the whole show because both Daniel and Boeckner have great stage presence regardless if they are singing or shredding.


One of the other palpable things to note was that they were having a great time on stage often smiling and interacting with each other. There definitely was a good chemistry percolating amongst members of the band. It was drool time when Daniel busted out a Fender Jaguar VI for "Would That Not Be Nice". Along with covering their whole album, they also tossed in a brilliant cover of Tom Petty's "You Got Lucky"


After seeing this show, It will be a no brainer to catch them again at the Echo on September 4th. They would be a nice addition to the Coachella bill and could possibly pop up at FYF festival since PAPA is playing and they should be in town. Other slated festival appearances include the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco on October 14th and the Moogfest in Asheville on October 27th. See them live at all costs.

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