Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sea Wolf at the Observatory

sea_wolf-observatory_ACY8610 sea_wolf-observatory_ACY8490 sea_wolf-observatory_ACY8394 sea_wolf-observatory_ACY8363 sea_wolf-observatory_ACY8581 sea_wolf-observatory_ACY8632
Alex Church of Sea Wolf played his first gig in two years at a sold out show inside the Observatory at the Constellation room. Sea Wolf is gearing up to release their third album Old Time Romance on Dangerbird Records on September 11th. The new songs wove into his older material seamlessly and had that familiar trademark Sea Wolf swoon. Besides a broken guitar string and a some forgotten lyrics, it was a superb return to the stage given the long hiatus. It won't take too long for them to hit their touring form. I will be checking out the new album when it is released.

01 "The Traitor"
02 "Winter Windows"
03 "Dew In The Grass"
04 "Black Leaf Falls"
05 "White Water, White Bloom"
06 "Miracle
07 "Middle Distance Runner"
08 "The Rose Captain"
09 "Old Friend"
10 "Turn The Dirt Over"
11 "Wicked Blood"
12 "Black Dirt"
13 "You're A Wolf"

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