Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dashboard Confessional at the House of Blues Anaheim

Chris Carrabba better known as Dashboard Confessional easily sold out the House of Blues Anaheim as he played a stacked twenty-four song set to throngs of adoring fans. Carrabba is touring to promote his new batch of cover songs entitled Covered In The Flood which includes covers from Cory Brenan, Big Star, R.E.M. and The Replacements.

Madi Diaz
madi_diaz-house_of_blues_anaheim_ACY8246 madi_diaz-house_of_blues_anaheim_ACY8235

Madi Diaz won over the crowd with her breezy acoustic tunes and charming smile as she unveiled tracks from her latest release Plastic Moon. Her cover of "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul was quite humorous. It would be interesting to see her with a full electric band. I would definitely keep an eye out for her judging from the appreciative response from the crowd.

Dashboard Confessional
dashboard_confessional-house_of_blues_anaheim_ACY8848 dashboard_confessional-house_of_blues_anaheim_ACY8918 dashboard_confessional-house_of_blues_anaheim_ACY8965 dashboard_confessional-house_of_blues_anaheim_ACY9220

Dashboard Confessional shows are a unique phenomena.  Fans sing just about every word to his songs to the point were Carrabba could actually just sit there a provide an acoustic guitar soundtrack and let the fans do the heavy singing. This wasn't the case as Carrabba worked through a marathon set hitting all of the crowd favorites.

Instead of throwing bras on stage, someone threw a Mickey Mouse ears hat embroidered with Chris's name.  While Chris mentioned he was having a good hair night, he relented and put on the hat for a quick photo opportunity.

Some of the many highlights of the set included "Swiss Army Romance", "Again I Go Unnoticed" and the fact that it was actually quiet for his Big Star cover of "I'm In Love With A Girl". Carrabba later mentioned on his Twitter account that this show was "one of his favorite shows ever".

01 "The Good Fight"
02 "Swiss Army Romance"
03 "As Lovers Go"
04 "Where There's Gold"
05 "This Bitter Pill"
06 "I'm In Love With A Girl"
07 "So Impossible"
08 "The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most"
09 "Screaming Infidelities"
10 "The Sharp Hint of New Tears"
11 "Again I Go Unnoticed"
12 "Cold Comfort"
13 "Shirts and Gloves"
14 "Thick as Thieves"
15 "Carry This Picture"
16 "Don't Wait"
17 "Tall Green Grass"
18 "Ghost of a Good Thing"
19 "Dusk & Summer"
20 "You Have Stolen My Heart"
21 "Vindicated"
22 "Hands Down"
23 "Remember to Breathe"
24 "The Best Deceptions"

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